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Allison Ponthier Official

Tombstone T-Shirt + Hollywood Forever Cemetery VHS


Tombstone T-Shirt
Let this tee light the way as you take an evening stroll through this haunted cemetery and up to the wedding chapel. Tie the knot by saying “I Do” and adding this item to your cart.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery Signed Collector's VHS
This Halloween, Ponthier Pictures Presents "Hollywood Forever Cemetery," the nightmarish tale of long-forgotten movie starlet Hat Girl on her journey to the great beyond. Starring tinseltown’s favorite newcomer Allison Ponthier as Hat Girl and famed Elvis impersonator Hector Ortiz as the charismatic Poodle Elvis, "Hollywood Forever Cemetery" is an iconic tale of horror, laughter, sadness, and

In addition to the horrific audio-visual short directed by Jocelyn and Dawn, this Halloween Spectacular is a multi-header and includes live performances from the famed cemetery. And naturally, as Ponthier Pictures is (and will always be) on the cutting edge of film-making, this VHS may also include a sneak-peek at upcoming characters in development.