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Allison Ponthier Official

Shaking Hands With Elvis / Faking My Own Death Vinyl

Just in time for the holidays, Ponthier Pictures presents Allison's first ever vinyl, a double-sided pressing of Allison's debut EP's Shaking Hands with Elvis and Faking My Own Death. 


Side A: Shaking Hands With Elvis 

1. Autopilot 
2. Chasing A Feeling 
3. Hardcore 
4. Hollywood Forever Cemetery 
5. Late Bloomer 
6. Shaking Hands With Elvis 

Side B: Faking My Own Death 

1. Cowboy 
2. Paid For 
3. Harshest Critic 
4. Hell Is A Crowded Room 
5. Faking My Own Death 
6. Tornado Country 

Limited to 4 per customer